What we do

…is exploiting collective synergies, thanks to an innovative business model, in order to be actively present in the market, with our advanced machining capacity.

The Veneto-Region is a labour-intensive land, characterised by the presence of numerous SMEs: we, in particular, are suppliers of products and services to leading companies, whit whom we usually maintain privileged or exclusive relationship.

This means that, for us, Innovation had been a reactive process that responded to specific requests from our costumers and was not assimilated as an internal knowledge and development action.

However, facing the threat posed by the economic crisis, we decided to share the vision of repositioning our small, local companies in high tech sectors with global market perspectives.


FILTERKIT faces the market through two diametrically opposite marketing strategies:

  1. a PULL model aiming to carry out the costumer’s specific orders.
  2. a PUSH model that, thanks to the collaboration with universities and Research centers, aims to develop innovative projects to be offered to the market.
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